An image made in Dresden. The sun was high and very strong.  The scene is part of the Semper Palace complex. My wife and I had just spent the morning roaming the interior of the Palace and I wanted to show the combination of detail and panoramic vistas.
Taken in Hilliers Gardens making photographs with a friend. It was Autumn and the Robin seemed to pose for us with utmost confidence and assurance. It was the cover of my family's Christmas cards that year.
The Spring time display of Camelias and Magnolias is well known and many come from a distance to view them. This beautiful magnolia bud seems to me to scream of new life.
Towards the end of the day.Taken from the northern end of Lake Windermere
Trying to find a different view of this iconic English Castle with moat, gate tower and drawbridge is very difficult. My love for natural frames shines through this one.
During Covid travel restrictions I had to stay close to home to find inspiration: this time in my own back garden.
The town council had recently created a large continental style piazza in the Town Square. Full of people and music on Sunday mornings this image was made at the end of a very wet day when only the lone cyclists were braving the rain.
Part of the temporary changes to facilitate social distancing, this turned the Main Street, "The Hundred" in the town where I live into a pedestrian area. A new shopping experience was enjoyed by many on Saturday mornings.
My favourite view of the 11th century Abbey. I had photographed it before  many times, but in colour. This was my first attempt to prepare a black and white image.
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